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Mark Twain once said:

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."

Below you will find some helpful links to other homeschooling web sites. Please let us know if these sites are useful to you, and feel free to make suggestions.

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State/Local Laws and Information

Legal/Home Education Law

Home School Legal Defense Association (Nationwide)

National Home Education Legal Defense (Nationwide)

Families for Home Education (Missouri)

Handy St. Joseph Links

City of St. Joseph

St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce

St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau

Saint Joseph Public Library

Rolling Hills Consolidated Library (Savannah and Belt Branches)

Homeschool Recordkeeping - Missouri

Missouri Logger Rythms
FREE download of Missouri LoggerRythms Software (this software was formerly sold on CD). According to the website, this software is "A database program for Homeschool Record Keeping according to Missouri Law".

Special Needs Students

Rising Son Youth Ranch - St. Joseph, MO
"Our mission is to a supply a means of emotional healing for children and youth though horsemanship, love and compassion."

Homeschooling High School - Information

Homeschooling Thru High School - HSLDA's comprehensive page on homeschooling through high school.

Homeschool Publications

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - The entire Fall, 2011 issue is available on-line for FREE!

Home Education Curriculum - Secular

St. Joseph Homeschool Bookstore
This wonderful resource is powered by Amazon.com, the world's largest online book store. You can purchase teacher help books, educational DVDs, music, textbooks, and more, all while supporting this web site.

The Well Trained Mind (Classical Education)
This book is based on classical education, and covers all subjects. Pre K - 12

Rainbow Resource
This is a good catalog to have. They have almost everything that you can imagine for home education. They cater to secular as well as Christian families. K – 12

Calvert School
This is a well known accredited school. You can purchase some courses individually, or, enroll your student for at home distance learning. K - 8

K12 Online Schools
Traditional, classic education. Online learning. K – 9

Sycamore Tree
This company has curriculum as well as accredited secular and Christian programs that you can enroll in. K - 12

Oak Meadow
Accredited K – 8.

Home Education Curriculum - Christian

Alpha Omega
Self-guided teaching via the Switched on Schoolhouse computer CD’s are available here. Grads Pre K – 12 (SOS grades 3 – 12)

Every subject, Pre K- 12, and they are well known for their rigorous math program. DVD school also available. Choose accredited enrollment or just the textbooks.

Bob Jones University Press
This curriculum moves more at the public school pace, but is very good. They offer satellite dish feeds for lessons as well as DVD’s and just textbooks. They also offer testing services.