Local Home Education Support Groups

Isaac Asimov once said:

"Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is."

Saint Joseph/Savannah

SJHSSG (Saint Joseph Homeschool Support Group)

No longer a formal organization, this "group" of home educating families still gather for field trips, play dates, book fairs, and group lessons.

To learn about activities, etc. that volunteer's have arranged, join the listserv or subscribe to the newsletter. (See the related pages on this site.)

Father hugging son.  Both smiling.

Word of Life Church Support Group

Please call 816-279-9739 to learn more about this support group.

St. Joseph Area Catholic Homeschoolers

Please contact Lara Muse at either 816-253-9239 or 816-383-0223/laramuse@stjoelive.com or Candise S. at CandisesCrew@sbcglobal.net for more information.


Green Hills Home Educators

Serving the Bethany, Gallitan, Spickard, Mercer, Princeton, Chillicothe, Meadville, Dawn and Trenton areas, this group meets monthly for both children and adults.

To learn about this group and its activities, contact Luanne at oneal63020@sbcglobal.net.


Clay/Platte Home Educators

CPHE has monthly meetings and e-list. They have a cooperative that meets for 13 weeks twice a year, that includes a band and a choir. They also host bees, workshops, and other activities of interest to homeschooling families. There is a membership fee to join CPHE, and only members have access to the e-list. CPHE is a Christian organization. 2. CPHE activities vary. Many CPHE sponsored activities feature two tiered pricing -- One price for CPHE members and another for non-members. All support group meetings and New Homeschool Orientations are open and free to the public.

To learn about CPHE, you may call (888)216-5823, e-mail info@cphecorp.org, or visit http://cphecorp.org/ on the web.


Maryville Area Home Educators

To learn about the Maryville Area Home Educators, e-mail ecjackson622@yahoo.com.


H.E.A.R.T.H. Home School Group (not sure what it stands for!)

To learn more about the H.E.A.R.T.H. group near the Bethany/Gallatin area, e-mail countryhomeschool@hotmail.com.

North Kansas City

NFLT (Northland Families Learning Together)

NFLT is a secular support group for Home Educators in the Greater Kansas City area, with activities based mainly in the Northland. NFLT provides support, and educational and social events to the Kansas City homeschooling community. This organization is inclusive and offers support to any homeschooling family regardless of religion, race, educational method, lifestyle, geographical location, or economic status.

To learn about this support group, please visit their website at www.nfltkc.org or e-mail them at nflt_kc@yahoo.com. You may also call (816) 308-1903.


Green Hills Christian Educators

To learn more about this group, e-mail tina@sycamorevalleyfarm.com.

If you are aware of any support groups that are not listed above, please e-mail greatsites@artistictech.com.