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Kathleen McCurdy once said:

"If the schools were perfect, I would still homeschool my children--because it isn't about school. It's about families taking their children back and educating them as they see best. It's about giving birth to a child and loving that child enough to want to nurture him and be a part of his life until he no longer needs you. It is the natural thing to do. School is only a substitute for the real thing."

Below you will find a list of newsletters that are available to local home educators. To subscribe, you will need to contact the individual newsletter editors.

Home Buddies Newsletter (electronic only -- free)

Formerly known as "Coming Home Newsletter", this electronic newsletter is distributed monthly via e-mail in PDF format. No newsletter subscription is necessary. However, in order to receive the newsletter automatically, you must be subscribed to the SJHSSG Google Listserv. To subscribe to the SJHSSG listserv, please visit http://groups.google.com/group/sjhssg and click on "contact the owner to join". (You will need to first obtain a FREE membership to Google in order to contact the list owner). You may also e-mail the listserv directly at sjhssg@googlegroups.com. Additionally, may also visit this website monthly to access the newsletter online.

If you would like more information about the newsletter, or you would like to report news or make suggestions for future issues, you may contact the newsletter editor.

Contact: Newsletter Editor, Chris Kaster kaster@starband.net

The newsletter is usually distributed in two parts. However, for your convenience, you may download/print the complete newsletter below. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is required to view the document. Acrobat Reader is free, and available from www.adobe.com.